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5 hacks to succeed on Starbackr

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If you want to increase your revenue or reach more people with your Starbackr profile, you came to the right place! While Starbackr comes with all the features needed to monetize your work as a content creator, you will need to make people aware of your profile. Here are five hacks to become a more successful Starbackr creator.

Use social media channels

This is probably the most important hack of them all. While Starbackr is perfect for monetization, other platforms are perfect for discovery. You can leverage that by using your Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit profile to grow your audience and then directing new followers to your Starbackr profile for exclusive content, by sharing your profile link in your posts or bios. Maximize your potential revenue by including your referral code.

Remember that not all of these channels are free of moral censorship like Starbackr, so be careful when posting NSFW content.

Alternate between exclusive and public posts

Most content creators on Starbackr choose to have a paid subscription plan for their profile, so their fans will only be able to view posts after subscribing. While that might work for some followers, that came from your social media channels and are already interested in subscribing, others might need a little sneak peek before putting the money in.

Create some teaser posts that can be viewed for free (click the lock icon when creating a post). That way people visiting your profile for the first time will be able to see what they will get once they subscribe.

Keep on posting

Consistency is key in content creation, especially when it comes to exclusive and paid content. Obviously, your fans will only be willing to re-subscribe, if they feel like the amount of content they are getting is worth the costs. Posting regularly, or better daily ensures that people will keep visiting your profile and if the content is matching their expectations they will keep subscribing.

Also having a big content library of up-to-date posts on Starbackr makes first-time visitors more likely to subscribe as well.

Content is king

“Content is king”, a quote from Bill Gates that has become one of the most important marketing credos to date. It means that the quality of the content is crucial for its success. This is true for websites or blogs, but also for your Starbackr profile. Having good quality content makes your followers happy, more likely to keep visiting your profile, and even share your content with their friends.

Does this mean you will need a top-line setup and an expensive camera or a professional photographer? No! But make sure your content is thought through and adds a little bit of value to your followers’ day ๐Ÿ™‚

Engage with your followers

Last but definitely not least: keep your followers engaged. Your fans love to look at your photos, but what they like even more is interacting with you. Encourage them to do so, by including CTA (calls-to-action) in your posts that motivate visitors to comment below the post or to send you a DM (direct message). Some creators host AMAs (ask-me-anything) where paid subscribers can get all their questions answered.

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